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At Manning Behavior Services, our mission is to improve behavioral outcomes for our clients by supporting them to achieve their best life possible.  Our therapeutic services utilize the evidence-based scientific behavioral principles to analyze behavior, create individualized treatment protocols, teach skills, reduce problem behavior, and teach advocacy skills pertinent to success at home, in the community, and in life.  Our programs foster greater self-confidence and success by providing education, collaboration, and coaching to clients, families, fellow support staff, and caregivers.    

We create highly customized ABA programs for our clients through consulting thoroughly with our client and their families to ensure we are meeting their specific needs and goals. Through our data driven programming we track client progress in real time, allowing our team to make decisions to improve client treatment and growth. 

ABA treatment is about teamwork and collaboration between parents and caregivers, clients, and MBS staff. Your feedback and contribution are an integral part of the care we provide and the success of our clients. We look forward to this journey with you and your child!

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